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The 7-Tools Academy

More Than Just a Sports Program

We are an organization dedicated to improving the lives of young people through academic, athletic, and character development. Our main objective is to work together with parents interested in providing their children with an academic / athletic program that focuses on the total development of their personal characteristics as students, athletes, and citizens


More Than Just Developing Players

We are committed to developing initiatives to help our athletes become model citizens, exemplary parents, leaders, and spokesmen for healthy lifestyles through sport, education and individual responsibility.


Training With a Purpose

The Objective of our program is to help or athletes learn how to Establish a healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives. We strive to build the character of the athletes by encouraging Self-esteem, Responsibility, Independence, Discipline, Leadership, Teamwork, Time management skills, and proper Study habits. In addition to character we strive to optimize athletic ability through physical and metal training.


Following the evolution of professional sports and new techniques training, athletes today are exposed to train vigorously all year round to achieve extraordinary results. The training program at 7-Tools Academy focuses on building complete athletes by , developing the "Seven tools" that are essential for all baseball athletes to compete in all levels of the sport.


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